Denis Kraškovič

artworks  1990-2018

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Artist’s statment

In my art I want to express positive visions of life and all its manifestations and to talk about them in a gentle way. I try to be layered and to give the viewer some space for reflection. In my work the shape is simple, the line is clear and narration is straightforward. I also try to integrate spirituality and humour into my work. My intention is to express my love for nature and all its beings and forms. The most beautiful aspect of existence is the subject of my art.



Denis Kraškovič


phone:  ++ 385 95 905 9034



Denis Kraškovič was born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1972. Graduated in his native town from the School of Applied Arts and Design and was teaching here on Sculpture department from year 1996 to 2006. In year 1994 graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, on Sculpture Department. From year 2007-2017 was a professor at the Osijek Art Academy, Visual Art department, teaching Sculpture and Public art. In year 2010 graduated master’s Degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana at Sculpture department. In year 2015 he was guest professor at Sculpture department of Academy for Music and Visual Arts in Pecs, Hungary. Several time awarded, among the others with the Grand Prix for year 2000 on the Youth Salon in Zagreb. In year 2012 he won second price at video competition „The Residents“ at Olomouc, Chech Republik. In year 2015 he won Grand prix at Zagorje salon at Krapina. Exhibited on many individual and group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. Made twelve public sculptures, the best known is “The Whale” standing on a lake Jarun in Zagreb, then the sculptures “The Sea Lion” and “The Lamb” placed near Arena in Zagreb, and two monumental statues “Neanderthal man” in Krapina. He lives and works in Zagreb.


One man exhibitions

1994   Miroslav Kraljevic Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

1995   Nova Gallery, Zagreb

1996   SC Gallery, Zagreb

           Rigo Gallery, Novigrad, Croatia

           Otok Gallery, Dubrovnik, Croatia

1997   Concordia, Zagreb

1998   Karas Gallery, Zagreb

1999   Palazzo Mignoti, Ortona, Italy

2000   Palach Club, Rijeka, Croatia

2001   Izidor Krsnjavi Gallery, Zagreb

           Galzenica Gallery, Velika Gorica, Croatia

2002   Gradec Gallery, Zagreb

2003   Club Attack, Zagreb

2004   Izidor Krsnjavi Gallery, Zagreb

2005   Prica Gallery, Samobor, Croatia

           Art Workshop Lazareti, Dubrovnik, Croatia

2006   Home of The Croatian Association of Visual Artists, Big Gallery, Zagreb

2007   Kazamat Gallery, Osijek, Croatia

           AŽ Gallery, Žitnjak Studios, Zagreb

           City museum Sibenik, International Children’s Festival, Croatia

           Palmizana, St. Klement island, Hvar, Croatia

           Ruzic Gallery, Tvrdjava, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

2008   City museum Rovinj, St. Thomas Gallery, Croatia

           City museum Labin, Croatia

2009   SC Gallery, Zagreb

2010   Archaeological Museum Osijek, Croatia

2011   City museum Pozega, Croatia

           Waldinger Gallery, Osijek, Croatia

2012   Greta Gallery, Zagreb

           Croatian Natural History Museum, Zagreb

           Bozidar Jakac Gallery, Kostanjevica, Slovenia

2013   MMC Luka and Galerija Anex, Pula, Croatia

2015   Kranjcar Gallery (with Marija Ujevic), Zagreb

           City museum Rovinj, Croatia

           Makarska Cultural summer, Croatia

2016   Nick Art and Design Gallery, Pecs, Hungary

           Kláster Zlata Koruna, Ceský Krumlov, Chech Republic

           Greta Gallery, Zagreb

2017   Flora Gallery, Dubrovnik, Croatia

2018   Greta Gallery, Zagreb

            City Museum Kočevje, Slovenia


Group exhibitions (selection)

1991   Young Croatian Artists, Karas Gallery Salon, Zagreb, Croatia

1992   Youth Salon, Glyptoteqhue HAZU, Zagreb

1993   Zagreb Salon, Gradec Plateau, Zagreb

           XXXIII Annale, Porec, Croatia

1993   5th Trienniale of Croatian Sculpture, Gliptoteka HAZU, Zagreb  

           Miroslav Kraljevic Gallery, Zagreb

1994   5th Trienniale of Croatian Sculpture, Gliptoteka HAZU, Zagreb

1995   30th Zagreb Salon, Zagreb

           Tracce di Grafica Croata, Torino, Italy

           Comics Salon, Vinkovci, Croatia

1996   Trienniale of Drawing, Zagreb

           Otok Gallery, annual exhibition of SCCA, Dubrovnik, Croatia

           DDDA, CEKAO Gallery, Zagreb

           Youth Salon, Gliptoteka HAZU, Zagreb

           Modernita-Progetto, Palazzo Bricherasio, Torino, Italy

1997   Trienniale of Croatian Sculpture, Glyptoteqhue HAZU, Zagreb

           Painters’ Colony of Rovinj, City Museum, Croatia

           Earth Day, Club of Architects, Zagreb, Croatia

1998   Festival 98, Mainz, Germany

           Theater play “Ladomir Faktura, Cankarjev Dom”, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1999   Break 21, Rog Eactory, Ljubljana, Slovenia

           Palazzo Mignoti, Ortona, Italy

           Triennial of Drawing, Zagreb, Croatia

2000   A New Beginning, SC Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

           Momiano OO festival, Istria, Croatia

           Galzenica Gallery, Velika Gorica, Croatia

           Triennale of Croatian Sculpture, Glyptoteqhue HAZU, Zagreb

2001   Contemporary Croatian Art, The Brewery Project, Los Angeles, USA

           Sculpture, Skopje, Macedonia

           26th Youth Salon, Zagreb Trade Fair, Croatia

           Contemporary Croatian Ceramics, Koprivnica City Museum, Croatia

2002   Contemporary Croatian Art, Ravenna, Italy

           Janos Sugar Studio, Budapest, Hungary

           Human-nature, Traffo, Budapest, Hungary

           Skopje Film Festival, Multimedia, Skopje, Macedonia

           Local/Global, Koprivnica City Museum, Croatia

           Croatian Film Days, Kinoteka, Zagreb

           Burning Coals 2: Ashes, City museum Bjelovar, Croatia

           Palazzo dei Consoli, Gubbio, Italy

           Human/Nature, Slavonski Brod City Museum, Croatia

           Utopia Travel (Kairo, Beirut, Istanbul, Sofija, Skopje, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Graz…)

           Contemporary Croatian Photography, Amsterdam, Nederlands

           The Unadapted, Kunstlerhaus Betanien, Berlin, Germany

           Young Croatian Atists, Schönbrunn, Orangerie, Vienna, Austria

2003   Much to much, Art pavilion, Zagreb

           Sociability, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

           Cite des arts, Paris, France

2004   Bad art, VN Gallery, Zagreb

2005   Tie Challenge, Pretoria, Johannesburg, South Africa

           Vinorell, National Library, Dubrovnik, Croatia

           Two coasts, Galeria Civica d’arte Contemporanea di Termoli, Italy

           Retrospective of Croatian Video Art – Insert, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb

           Back to the future, 40 years of SC Gallery, Zagreb

2006   Sacred art in Croatia, Klovicevi Dvori Gallery, Zagreb

           Retrospective of video works KMRF, MM Centar, Zagreb

           Retrospective of Croatian video art – Insert, Museum of contemporary art, Mali salon, Rijeka, Croatia

           Tie Challenge, Krakow, Gdansk (Poland), Berlin (Germany), Sofia (Bulgaria), Vienna (Austria)

           Art colony Rovinj, City museum Rovinj, Croatia

           Days of Croatian Film, Cinema SC, Zagreb

           Shifting ground, West Coast, Ireland

           Etno-natura, SC, Zagreb

           Faux mouvment, Centre d’Art Cotemporain, Metz, France

           Vienna biennale, Plattform-raum fur kunst, Vienna, Austria

2007   10 years of  MMC & 40 years of Palach club, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia

           Videorats, Video feastival, Celje, Slovenia

           Universality of museum objects, Post Museum, Zagreb

           Films by young authors, Izidor Krsnjavi Gallery, Zagreb

           Op.Art -quisisana Urban Culture Festival, Opatija, Croatia

           Return of the Lost Generation, Izidor Krsnjavi Gallery, Zagreb

           Art and Crime, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia

           Rehab, Balen Gallery, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

2008   Labor Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

           Rotonda a mare di Senigallia, Italy

           Ooooze festival, Lazareti, Dubrovnik, Croatia

           Art colony Rovinj, City museum Rovinj, Croatia

           Truth and forgery (Red Peristil), Diocletian’s basements, Split, Croatia

           Boys & their toys, SC Gallery, Zagreb

           Sculpture workshop Zemlja, Vinkovci, Croatia

           Juraj’s cathedral, St. Krsevan Gallery, Sibenik, Croatia

           Vinorell, Atelier Lučko, Zagreb

           Slavonian bienalle, Gallery of Fine Arts, Osijek, Croatia

2009   Zagrebi festival, Club Mocvara, Zagreb

           Arrival in inheritance, St. Dominik Church and City Lodge, Zadar, Croatia

           Zagorje triennale, City museum Krapina, Croatia

           Surduk festival, Suza, Croatia

           Poster exhibition “Blow”, Tonciceva street, Split, Croatia

           Art colony Rovinj, City museum Rovinj, Croatia         

           X Triennale of Croatian Sculpture, Glyptoteqhue HAZU, Zagreb

2010   DDDDA, Oroslavlje Castle, Croatia

           1+1, Kazamat Gallery, Osijek, Croatia

           The Residents, Caesar Gallery, Olomouc, Czech Republic

           Tenda Gialla, culture camp, Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb

           Slavonian bienalle, Gallery of Fine Arts, Osijek, Croatia

2011   T-ht award, Museum of contemporary art, Zagreb

           Pop-art is not dead, Klovićevi dvori Gallery, Zagreb

           Sculpture, Kazamat Gallery, Osijek, Croatia

           Watercolor colony Sava, Art Salon Vladimir Becic, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

           Art colony Rovinj, City museum Rovinj

           Miniatures, Novi dvori, Zapresic, Croatia       

           50th Anniversary Sculpture Symposium Forma Viva, Lamut’s salon, Kostanjevica, Slovenia

           International exhibition of drawings, Galeria Mouraria, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

           From sculpture to confession, Klovicevi dvori Gallery, Zagreb

           Art & food, Ateliers Zitnjak, Zagreb

           Zagreb residents with Slovenian roots, University Library, Maribor, Slovenia

           Kalokaghatia/Eros Kalos, Jogurt Gallery, Medika, Zagreb

           Dimensions of humor, Kazamat Gallery, Osijek, Croatia

           New Year exhibition, Greta Gallery, Zagreb

2012   Presern’s day, Slovenian center, Zagreb

           Dimensions of humor, Diocletian’s basements, Split, Croatia

           XI triennal of Croatian Sculpture, Glyptoteqhue HAZU, Zagreb

           Art colony Rovinj, City museum Rovinj       

           Miniatures, Novi dvori, Zapresic, Croatia       

           Summer exhibition, Greta Gallery, Zagreb

           Dimensions of humor, MMC Luka, Pula, Croatia

           Art colony Paradizo, Paradizo Gallery, Rab, Croatia

           50th Anniversary Sculpture Symposium Forma Viva, Ravne na Koroskem Museum, Slovenia

           Watercolor on the scaffold, Skurjeni Museum, Zapresic, Croatia

           Dimensions of humor, Klovicevi dvori, Zagreb

           Slavonian bienalle, Gallery of Fine Arts, Osijek

           Mediamorphosis, Kazamat Gallery, Osijek

2013   Zagreb salon, Home of The Croatian Association of Visual Artists, Zagreb

           Art colony Rovinj, City museum Rovinj

           Dog in Croatian visual art from XI century to now days, Prica Gallery, Samobor, Croatia

           2rd Bienalle of Painting, Home of The Croatian Association of Visual Artists, Zagreb

           53rd Porec Annale, Istrian parliament hall, Poreč, Croatia

           Line volume, Kazamat Gallery, Osijek

2014   Art colony Rovinj, City museum Rovinj

           Have a HeArt, Kranjcar Gallery, Zagreb

2015   Live coal 3, City Museum Djurdjevac, Croatia

           Live coal 3, Gallery center Varazdin, Croatia

           7th Zagorje Salon, City Museum Krapina, Croatia

           Art colony Rovinj, City Museum Rovinj

           XI Trienniale of Croatian Sculpture, Glyptoteqhue HAZU, Zagreb

           3rd Bienalle of Painting, Home of The Croatian Association of Visual Artists, Zagreb

           Cravat challenge, Europian parlament, Strasbourg, France         

           School day, AŽ Gallery, Zagreb

           Animation movies in School for Aplied Arts, Izidor Krsnjavi Gallery, Zagreb

2016   Private and public, Obrvan Garden, Metkovic, Croatia

           Art colony Rovinj, City Museum Rovinj    

           Insect sounds – the orchestra of the smallest, Croatian Natural History Museum, Zagreb

           Sljin, City Museum Djurdjevac, Croatia

           Border area, Dioklecian Palace Basements, Split, Croatia

2017   T-ht Award, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb

           Salon of Contemporary Sacral Art, Milesi palace, Split

           Art colony Rovinj, City museum Rovinj       

           Osijek Academy of Arts in Pecs, Nador Gallery, Hungary

           Marianska Gallery, Ceske Budjevice, Chech Republic

2018   Insect sounds – the orchestra of the smallest, City Museum Pozega, Croatia

           Non-aligned, Lauba Gallery, Zagreb

           5th Croatian trienanale of Drawing, Croatian Academy of Sciencies and Arts, Zagreb

           Soccer in Croatian painting, Gallery Dulcic Pulitika Masle, Dubrovnik

           Art colony Rovinj, City Museum Rovinj

           Cats&Dogs, Museum Lapidarium, Novigrad, Croatia

           International art Colony Skopje, Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, Skopje, Macedonia


Public sculptures

1995    The Portal, Sixta Castle Park, Jakovlje, Croatia

1997    Monument for dead soldiers, Trnje, Zagreb, Croatia

1998    The Pomegranate, Sucuraj, Hvar island, Croatia

2000    Way of the Cross, Stari trg ob Kolpi, Slovenia

2001    The Whale, Jarun lake, Zagreb

2004    Singulinac, Srebrnjak, Zagreb

2010    The Walrus, Arena Zagreb

2010    The Lamb, Arena Zagreb

2013    Goodness, Forma Viva, Kostanjevica, Slovenia

2012    The seed, Trausdorf an der Wulka, Austria

2014    Neandertal man I, Krapina, Croatia

2015    Neandertal man II, Sveti Križ Začretje, Croatia

2018    Monument to a Happy Chilhood, Kocevje, Slovenia



1993     2nd prize at the Skulptura competition in Lipik, Croatia

1997     Award for Young Artist,  Art colony Rovinj, City Museum Rovinj, Croatia

2001     First prize at the Youth Salon in Zagreb, Croatia

2010     2nd prize at the Residents video competition, Caesar Gallery, Olomouc, Czech Republic

2012     Special tribute of Jury, XI Triennal of Croatian Sculpture, Glyptoteqhue HAZU, Zagreb

2014     Award for best Artist, Art colony Rovinj, City Museum Rovinj

2015     7th Zagorje Salon Grand Prix, City museum of Krapina, Croatia


Workshops and residencies (participant):
1996.   The Jakovlje Sculpture Park, Croatia
            Island – Art workshop Lazareti, Dubrovnik, Croatia
1997.   City festival, Mainz, Germany
1998.   Vujnovic studio, Sucuraj, Hvar island, Croatia
1999.   Palazzo Mignoti, Ortona, Italy
2000.   MomianOOO, Istria, Croatia
2003.   Cité des artes, Paris, France
2005.   Vinorelli, Orlando Club, Dubrovnik, Croatia
            Art stays, Ptuj, Slovenia
2007.   Palmizana art, St. Clement Island, Croatia
2008.   Sculpture workshop Zemlja, Vinkovci, Croatia
            Ooooze festival, Lazareti, Dubrovnik, Croatia
2010.   Watercolour colony Sava, Slavonski Brod, Croatia
2011.   Surduk festival, Baranja, Croatia
2012.   Kunstmeille, Trausdorf am der Wulka, Austria
            Art colony Paradizo, Rab, Croatia
2013.   Forma viva, Kostanjevica ob Krki, Slovenia
2018.   Skopje Art colony, Skopje, Macedonia
            Painters colony Riviera Porec, Croatia
            Wood festival, Kocevje, Slovenia

Workshops (organiser):
2008. – 2016. Jarcevac – International Art Students workshop in wood, Osijek, Croatia
2013.   Students Public Sculptures in Beli Manastir, Croatia
2016.   Windsculptures – Students Workshop in metal, Art Academy Osijek, Croatia